Our current government has been around since 1789 and it has served us extremely well since then. Over the years we’ve amended and adjusted the structure and laws of this government to better tailor it to the needs of an evolving country. Our founding fathers, with creating our constitution, were doing so in the attempt to create a more perfect union among the various members of this country. I believe it is our responsibility to continue to evolve our government structure in an effort to achieve that more perfect union.

In 1789 it may have been practical to operate as a purely representative republic, there were less people in the country, less people were what could be considered educated, and as a result a small number of educated individuals with inclinations toward politics and public service would be better suited to drive the direction of the country, theoretically in the best interests of those less suited citizens. This obviously didn’t and doesn’t always happen, but at least it made somewhat practical sense in those times. Even through the majority of our history, really, it made a lot of sense. It would have been impractical for most Americans to be materially involved in any of the day-to-day workings of our government. We simply couldn’t spend that amount of time away from our jobs, and the process of political involvement was fairly arduous.

Well, times have changed, and I think it’s about time that we open up our government processes to more transparency and more direct engagement from the citizens of the country. I’m advocating a new kind of government which I tend to refer to as Hybrid Democracy; that domain was taken, so here we are at Bastard Democracy, and here is where I will lay out my vision for this country, a description of what Hybrid Democracy is and how it can work, a look into the proposed tools I think we could use to achieve this new type of government, and my positions on a lot of political topics relevant to how we could move this country into a new era of strength, prosperity, and engagement. While I’m using this platform to capture my own thoughts and opinions on how to achieve this evolved version of government, I look forward to comments from anyone that happens across this blog that can help me to better refine my ideas. Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, and there is no way I’ll get it right all the time, so I look forward to comments and debates both incendiary and positive because both will help me to create a better end product. In the end, I hope we can achieve the creation of something the nation can rally behind to create real valuable change to our political system. Change that reinvigorates public trust in our government and creates the correct structures to catapult our country into a new golden age of prosperity, not only for a few, but for many.

I look forward to taking this journey, and hope that along the way I’ll pick up some like-minded people to help me fight for the change this country needs.

It all starts with a plan,


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